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미국교과서과정으로 토론수업을 진행합니다.

Business 과정 교육내용

회사를 운영하거나, 외국과의 무역을 진행하거나, 외국인과 같이 근무를 하거나 등등 영어로 회사업무를 진행하는데 필요한 영어업무를 케이스별로 학습을 할 수 있습니다.

E-Mail, Meeting, Presentation, Negotiating, Telephoning, Socializing 등등 학생이 필요한 항목별로 수업을 진행할 수 있고, 전반적인 Business 업무를 처리하는데 필요한 영어업무를 총괄적으로 학습할 수 있습니다.

Business 과정 교육대상

  • 회사에서 외국인과 함께 근무하는 직장인
  • 회사에서 무역 및 외국과의 업무를 주로 담당하는 직장인
  • 회사를 운영하는 대표 및 책임자
  • 해외 비즈니스를 기획 또는 준비중인 회사 임원

Business 과정 교육과정

BIZ Level 1BIZ Level 2BIZ Level 3BIZ Level 4BIZ Level 5
BIZ Level 6BIZ Level 7BIZ Level 8BIZ Level 9 

Business 과정BIZ Level 1

교육기간 : 1~3 Month
Course Books Description
BIZ Level 1 교재보기 250 Ways To Say It In Business Englis
Business Writing Basics
Business Course Level 1

The student can translate, comprehend and interpret information based on prior learning which also includes the student's ability to write, list, label, name state and define simple business terms.

Business 과정BIZ Level 2

교육기간 : 1~3 Month
Course Books Description
BIZ Level 2 교재보기 Career Paths Business English 1
Career Paths Business English 2
Career Paths Business English 3
Business Talk English
Business Goals
Business Course Level 2

The student can recall or recognize information, ideas and principles in the most appropriate form in which they learned which also includes the ability to explain, summarize, describe and illustrate the nature of business they are involved in.

The student can partially present business ideas.

Business 과정BIZ Level 3

교육기간 : 1~3 Month
Course Books Description
BIZ Level 3 교재보기 Business English
Longman Intelligent Business elementa
Market leader elementary
7 Secrets To Business English Fluency
Business Course Level 3

The student can already write, describe and paraphrase an instructional business objective which includes the ability to motivate, guarantee and direct business plans by himself/herself.

The student can describe in simple business terms aspects of business matters in areas of immediate need in the most simple way.

Business 과정BIZ Level 4

교육기간 : 1~3 Month
Course Books Description
BIZ Level 4 교재보기 English for Emails
English for Telephoning
English for Meetings
English for Presentations
English for Negotiating
English for Socializing
English for Customer Care
Business Course Level 4

The student can select, transfer, use data and principles to complete a business related problem or task with a minimum of direction which also includes how to analyze, categorize, compare, contrast and separate the logic of business.

The student can describe business experiences, events, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

Business 과정BIZ Level 5

교육기간 : 1~3 Month
Course Books Description
BIZ Level 5 교재보기 Intelligent Business-Pre Intermediate
Intelligent Business-Intermediate
Intelligent Business-Upper Intermediate
Business Course Level 5

The student already have the business knowledge, application and analysis of the situation in which the ability to independently evaluate the pros and cons of business is being practiced.

The student can deal with business situations most likely to arise while having business conference, meeting or travel where the business English language is being used.

Business 과정BIZ Level 6

교육기간 : 1~3 Month
Course Books Description
BIZ Level 6 교재보기 In Company -Intermediate-
In Company -Upper Intermediate-
Communication Strategies 1
Business Course Level 6

The student can distinguish, classify and relates the bussines assumptions which includes computation, application and contruction of business ideas.

The student can already interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with other business colleagues quite possible without strain for either party.

Business 과정BIZ Level 7

교육기간 : 1~3 Month
Course Books Description
BIZ Level 7 교재보기 Business Vocabulary Builder
Oxford University Press Busines Basic
Communication Strategies 2
Business Course Level 7

The student can differentiate hypotheses, evidence or structure of a business statement or questions which includes the ability to design a business classification scheme.

The student can already express himself/herself fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for business expressions.

Business 과정BIZ Level 8

교육기간 : 1~3 Month
Course Books Description
BIZ Level 8 교재보기 English For Business Communication
How To Be A Business English Ace
Communication Strategies 3
Market Leader Upper Intermediate
Business Course Level 8

The student can originate, integrate and combine ideas into a product, plan that is new to him or her which also includes the ability to create, design, hypothesize, invent and develop.

The student can speak business English fluently in both social and business setting.

Business 과정BIZ Level 9

교육기간 : 1~3 Month
Course Books Description
BIZ Level 9 교재보기 Professional English For Business
Oxford Streamline English
Communication Strategies 4
Market Leader Advanced
Business Course Level 9

The student can appraise, assess or critique on a basis of specific standards and criteria which includes the student's ability to judge, recommend and justify through the learned business aspect of the scenario.

At this level the student is already highly independent.